Mahindra Tractors make waves in Algeria

Over the last year, Mahindra Tractors’ distributors in Algeria have participated in a number of local fairs and exhibitions to promote Mahindra Tractors products. Distributor LD AZOUAOU participated in BATATIS 2011 in Mostaganem, CEREALEXPO 2011 in Sétif and SUDAGRAL in Biskra - and also conducted mass marketing activities in Central and Northern Algeria.


Sub-Dealer Sarl AGROSAPSEM from Djelfa participated in three regional fairs, held in Tiaret, Chlef and Batna.


Sub-Dealer Sarl MOSTAGRI from Mostaganem participated in a regional fair in El Bayadh.


Mr. Vaibhav Kumar Joshi, Manager – International Operations, M&M Limited, was present at the Biskra Fair. It was inaugurated by the Director of Agricultural Ministry of Biskra, who visited the Mahindra Stall. Mahindra Tractors were the only tractors displayed along with Farmer Kits, which became a hit with the local farming community.