All Eyes on Mahindra

In September, our dealer Maquinarias Gildemeister took to different fields and grabbed the farmers’ attention in different areas with extensive demos. The 9500 model was showcased in Ensenada, Puerto Varas X Region, the 6000 DI, 6000 Orchards and 8000 models in San Fernando Branch, VI Region and the 8560 model in Chaicao, Lonquimay, IX Region.



The working of the 7030 model was demonstrated in Linao Ancud, Fundo La Tiza, X Region and in La Luma K4 – Paillaco, X Region. The demos were effective in sparking the farmers’ interest and generating enquiries. The dealer followed this up with a newspaper ad in Revista del Campo Mercurio and magazine ad in El Campo Sureño.

The marketing strategy for October was similar with field demos being held at several locations and newspaper and magazine ads being used to popularise Mahindra tractors. The Feria Valle del Itata, Coelemu, VIII Region saw the 6000 DI and 8560 models in action, while the Lonquimay, IX Region witnessed the efficiency of the 8560 model.


To reinforce its recall value, the same newspaper ad was run in Revistadel Campo Mercurio. An ad and article appeared in the GTT magazine promoting our tractors and dealer. The activities resulted in the brand staying on the public’s mind.