Mahindra Tractors – Transforming rural prosperity in Egypt.

Mahindra, the world’s largest tractor company by volumes, and the only Tractor Company to have received the two highest awards in Quality – the Deming Application Award and the Japan Quality medal have been offering its tractors and other products to the Egyptian farmers for more than 3 years now.

Over these years Mahindra Tractors have connected with the Egyptian farmers at various levels, by offering them high quality products that outperform other tractors in reliability.  They are built with heavy-duty components that allow the tractors to do more, in less time.
Mahindra’s entire range of highly fuel efficient tractors has been helping the farmers with a lower cost of cultivation. They are extensively employed in various parts of Egypt, predominantly in the Nile Valley, Aswan, Assuit, Almenia and Delta regions. for all type of farming jobs like cultivating, ploughing, Haulage and harrowing in the cotton, rice, wheat, sugarcane, citrus farms and various cereal farms.

By offering high quality products and efficient mechanization solutions we aim to transform rural productivity, income, and living standards of the farmers.Mahindra Tractors are sold through a nationwide network in excess of 8 dealers

Versatility of Mahindra Tractors