Cultivating Dreams in the Indonesian Tractor Market

Mahindra Tractor had introduced its range of tractors in the Indonesian Tractor market in 2009, through its distributor, PT Intracopenta.


Over the last two years Mahindra Tractor has been establishing itself as a strong player in palm oil plantations, with tractors being deployed for about five hours every day at these plantations, which are around 30,000 hectares, on an average. The tractors are used to transport palm fruit from plantations to main distribution routes. The Mahindra 8000 4wd also finds application in Indonesian rubber and sugarcane plantations.


Towards building the Mahindra brand, distributor PT Intracopenta has undertaken a series of initiatives, such as conducting country-wide road shows and field demonstrations at palm oil, rubber and sugarcane plantations, during which test drives help operators to experience the product.


Besides, a standby unit is made available at commercial sites, to be used when a tractor breaks down and a standby mechanic is made available at the plantations during peak season to attend to the tractors. A 36-month buyback guarantee is an attractive option and customers also have a financing option vide the Intracopenta leasing institution.
Besides, PT Intracopenta has launched a unique service initiative titled ‘I Am Service’ , to ensure timely availability of spares and service. As per this initiative, free service and spares are given to customers, if the same are not rendered within 48 hours.