Kudos from Indonesia for Mahindra Tractors

An excellent testimonial for Mahindra Tractors recently appeared in the Sawit Indonesia magazine. In the article titled ‘Competitive Price, Quality Guaranteed’, Mr. Dinas Sebayang, President Director, PT .LANCAR JAYA ABDI, was asked to give a testimonial about heavy equipment PT Intraco Penta Wahana. He says that he prefers to use Mahindra tractors because of the higher value they deliver – despite the price of a Mahindra tractor being 30% - 40% less than the price of other more famous products. Mr. Hasan Tan, Director of Operations, PT Lancarjaya Mitra Abadi, said Mahindra tractors are strong and have good horse power for contoured uphill land and are good for transportation of oil palm fruit.