Product Champion Training Program - Introduction to a New Tractor

This quarter’s Product Champion Training Program was aimed at familiarising Service Managers, Workshop Managers and Dealers’ Technicians with the all new 6560 2WD/4WD tractor models.

The training program which spanned over a period of 10 working days (31st August 2015 – 11th September 2015) was attended by 22 enthusiastic participants, 13 from Nepal and 9 from Bangladesh. Held at the Mahindra Excellence Centre, Nagpur, the training sessions were co-ordinated by Mr. Sandip Yadav (Manager, Customer Care – IO) and Mr. Prashant Mahamuni (Asst. Manager, Customer Care – IO), and conducted by Mr. B. D. Darnal (Sr. Manager – MEC), Mr. D. N. Kale (Asst. Manager – MEC) from the Nagpur plant.


During the training, the participants gained an in-depth understanding about the features and functioning of the 6560 2WD/4WD models. The technological superiority of these two models was explained through a feature-to-feature comparison with the existing Arjun tractor. How the tractor needs to be installed, its maintenance schedule, dismantling of various tractor aggregates and reassembling along with a demonstration of critical settings, were explained in great detail over different sessions. Nearly two days were dedicated to illustrate the assembling and dismantling of 595 CRPTO transmission along with critical settings. The talk on troubleshooting of various product complaints was allotted substantial time to ensure that the technicians became well-informed to resolve issues in an effective manner. A brief session was also conducted on their electric circuit and critical components.


The training program concluded with a Certificate Distribution ceremony which was graced by Mr. Soumitra Choudhary (DGM – MEC, Nagpur). Along with their certificates, the participants were handed over training material and promotional items. They all left with a feeling of confidence which comes from knowing a new tractor inside out.