Mahindra Tractors – Cultivating Rural Prosperity in Nepal.

Mahindra, the world’s largest tractor company by volumes, have been serving the needs of the Nepalese farmers for more than two decades now and have been helping farmers enhance their productivity and prosperity by offering complete mechanization solutions.
Mahindra Tractors, have been equally successful in both the ecological zones of Nepal – the Terai and in the Hills, given the versatility offered by these tractors.

In the Terai region, Mahindra’s entire range of highly fuel efficient tractors has been helping the farmers with a lower cost of cultivation. They are extensively used for all type of farming jobs like cultivating, ploughing, harrowing, threshing and also in Hauling. The new MKM series of tractors further establish values of fuel efficiency powered with the new series of engines that have a low operating speed and higher max torque levels. These tractors are designed to offer maximum power at PTO, making them ideal for operations with Rotavators.

Also Mahindra Tractors are Heavy duty tractors that offer very high levels of drawbar pull. This unique feature allows these tractors to be extensively employed in Hilly regions, wherein these tractors are used to haul loads from the low lying regions to the Hilly countryside.
Mahindra Tractors are sold through a nationwide network in excess of 14 dealers


Versatility of Mahindra Tractors

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