On and Off Ground Marketing in Paraguay

Farmers in Paraguay got considerable exposure to Mahindra tractors in July and August. The tractors were well displayed at different events in July like the Field Day in Manitoba, San Pedro, Expo Roque Alonso and Cattle Fair in Tavapy. On air promotions also grabbed attention with 10 spots running on Santa Rita FM and Karapa Radio FM and 5 Spots on Zp 30 - Loma Plata Chaco. 

August saw a flurry of activity with Field Day demonstration in Loma Plata, Chaco, and participation in Expo Trebol, Chaco and Tractor Show in Loma Plata. Revista Productiva magazine carried an advertisement which showcased 6030 65HP, 8000 86HP and 9200 4X4 models. Radio spots on Zp 30 - Loma Plata Chaco, Radio Medano – Neuland, Pai Pucu – Filadelfia and Meno Informier kept the brand buzzing.