Making the Brand Seen and Heard

Not only were Mahindra tractors well promoted to the external audience by MotorMarket, they also ensured that their sales team enhanced their capabilities. A technical training session was organised in September which kick-started with valuable advice from Mr. Mario Sosa, General Manager, MotorMarket.


To promote Mahindra tractors to the farmers, they ran magazine ads in La Rural and Productiva and radio spots in Concepción, Central and Chaco. MotorMarket established direct contact between the tractors and farmers by participating in the 6th Livestock Producers Date where they had a stall and tractor exhibit and also conducted a demo.


The marketing initiatives continued in October with them placing an ad in La Rural magazine, airing radio spots in Concepción and Chaco and holding a field demo at different locations like Chaco, Paratodo, Itapua, Fram and Edelira.



In November, Productiva, Todo Campo and La Rural magazines and the supplement to ABC carried ads for Mahindra tractors and radio spots were aired in Cambyreta.


In December, a similar mix of advertising is being rolled out with an ad in La Rural magazine, radio spots in Central Chaco and direct mailers. A field day will also be organised in Chaco. Mahindra tractors enjoy a lot of mileage with these sustained advertising campaigns.