The Buzz in Peru

The last quarter witnessed a busy time for distributors and dealers across Peru. There were a series of tractor demos, as well as participation in fuel tests and plenty of advertising. One such fuel test conducted at the request of the customers saw technicians from Gildemeister Maquinarias, Mahindra Tractors dealer in Peru, compare the fuel consumption of Mahindra tractors with that of John Deere tractors, in Cañete Province, two hours from Lima. The tractors worked with a mixer and the Mahindra Model 8000 showed fuel consumption of 0.5 gallons per hour.

Apart from this, a large number of product demonstrations were carried out which were well attended.

To introduce and familiarise prospective customers with Mahindra tractors, the ‘Caravana Mahindra’ event was organised. It was well advertised through radio broadcasts and other media.

The advertising activities strategically used specialised and local media such as the Agro Noticias magazine. It carried an ad featuring the Mahindra 8560 cabin model. A web page of this magazine is to be launched soon. Other print media was used to roll out a testimonial campaign to back the product demos across Peru. Frequent training was also imparted to the Direct Sales team, Dealers and Drivers on the setup, operations, working with implements and more. The training programs were adapted to suit the specific requirements of each niche market and of customers.