Mahindra Tractors Spotted Everywhere in Peru

July was a very important month with a grand exhibition taking place in Yauris city from 27th July to 1st August. Major agro businessmen from all the regions congregate for this exhibition each year. Our dealer, Maquinarias Gildemeister, made the most of this opportunity and showcased Mahindra tractors prominently as well as conducted technical training with tractor operators. They followed it up with participation in an exhibition at Anta, Cusco. From 9th July – 11th July, they organised a technical training session at the distributor Inversiones Jodimac’s facility in Moquegua. 35 visitors from the highlands in South Lima attended the training.


In addition to the technical information given, the tractors were also driven around to enhance the visitors’ experience. While much was happening on the external front, there were internal changes at Maquinarias Gildemeister as well. Mr. Domingo Mircin, MBA Administrator with black belt in 6 SIGMA Quality Development and Continuing Improvement, was appointed as the Machinery Division and Rental Manager and Mr. Jose Luis Soldado as the Sales Chief.



In August, the 9500 model was tested at North Peru, where sand and soil provided the necessary challenges for the tractor which it overcame. Training was also conducted to facilitate its use. The 9500 4WD model was tested in Cerro Pietro, Chiclayo. Even marketing promotions were on in full swing. The 8560 4WD with cabin model featured in a magazine ad highlighting its ability to face extreme weather conditions. An ad appeared in Agro Noticias at the time of a dairy exhibition. Mahindra tractors were well promoted and well received in Peru.