• 60 4WD SERIES (83 HP)

60 4WD SERIES (83 HP)

The Mahindra integrated cabs are designed to offer supreme comfort, ease of operation and all round visibility to the operator. The Cabin with its own floor is mounted on rubber isolators to the tractor chassis which helps in reducing noise and vibrations. Also the design adopted provides a sealed environment, greatly reducing the entry of dust and other airborne particles inside the Cabin. The fully flat operator deck with side shift gear levers, suspended brake and clutch pedals provide lots of leg-room a roomy work area. All the engine, hydraulics, electrical and cab controls are ergonomically positioned guaranteeing total comfort during those long working days.  The Inner soft touch trims provides the smart look to the Cabin. The curved windshield and the wide-opening frameless doors, enhances the visibility and ease of entry and exit. Further, the side window and the frameless rear window with full opening ability, adds to the open and spacious feel. Powerful, but adjustable work lights on the front and rear of the cab provide excellent visibility in night. The instrument panel with back-lit electronic gauges, system and service-due indicators are very operator friendly. The Cab comes with standard front and rear wipers. It also comes with being “Radio Ready”.The cabin comes standard with Heating and Air-conditioning systems to allow the operator select the best suited cab climate, regardless of the conditions outside.  The air suspension deluxe seat comes with formed cushions and can be adjustable fore, aft and for your weight too. All these make operating the tractor, a delight, in day or night.