SEACOM Appointed Mahindra Tractor Distributor in the Philippines

SEACOM Inc., a leading company in the Philippines, has been appointed the distributor for the Mahindra range of tractors. The company has a widespread presence in the Philippines and distributes energy and power products, water heating system, engines, gensets and irrigation systems. It has a network of 300 dealers spread across the country and is a Founder Trustee of the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors’ Association (AMMDA), an association of farm machinery suppliers.


There are good opportunities for agrimechanisation in the Philippines, as the focus of the present Administration is to ensure food security. Thus, a farm mechanization program has been launched, which funds the purchase of tractors, combines, rice mills, irrigation equipment, etc. There is also a focus on Agricultural Modernization, with an emphasis on the formation of co-operatives, farm input support, and institutional support to farms, in addition to the Agri Agra law, which instructs commercial banks to set aside 25% of their loan funds for agriculture.


Mr. Hector A. Sanvictores, President, SEACOM Inc., recently visited the Mahindra Tractor and Auto
Plants in Mumbai and met with the senior Management, as well as the Product and Service teams. Mahindra is entering the market with 9500 4wd vehicles.