Mahindra Tractors – Allowing the Farmers in Tanzania to do more, in less time by providing a range of high performance offering tractors.

Mahindra, the world’s largest tractor company by volumes, and the only Tractor Company to have received the two highest awards in Quality – the Deming Application Award and the Japan Quality medals have been offering its tractors and other products to the farmers of Tanzania for more than 5 years now.
Currently, Mahindra is offering a line of 2WD and 4WD tractors in the 50-95 HP category in Tanzania. All these Mahindra models are serious workhorses that deliver high levels of performance by employing engines that offer an unmatched combination of performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. They are tough and durable machines that easily adapt to a variety of applications. The axles and 3-point hitches are bigger, thicker, and more solid: this provides greater stability and control in handling the most difficult tasks. Their rugged cast-iron chassis make them a lot heavier than most other tractors of similar size and horsepower. Even fenders and other sheet metal components are reinforced and use a thicker gauge of metal for greater strength and durability.


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