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Mahindra's International Operations

We are the world’s largest tractor company by volumes*.

We began manufacturing tractors in the early 1960s for the Indian market.  Nearly 50 years later, we are the world’s largest tractor company by volumes, with annual sales above 214,000 tractors annually. With a presence in more than 40 countries and a network of over 1000 dealers, Mahindra has sold well over 1.75 million tractors worldwide.

India is the world’s largest tractor market and we have been celebrating our 28th consecutive year of leadership. We enjoy about 42% market share that includes the Mahindra and Swaraj brands. Following our vision of farm-tech prosperity, we’ve also expanded into farm-support services, including agri-mechanization solutions under Mahindra AppliTrac; seeds, crop protection, and market linkages and distribution  through Mahindra ShubhLabh; and agri-support information and counselling through the Samriddhi Initiative.

Through this network of services, we aim to empower the rural farmer and transform rural productivity, income, and living standards.  We want to improve farm lifestyles by making hard work easier, increasing yields, and increasing returns.  All our tractor brands, ranging from the 15 HP engine to 92 HP, have been designed in close communication with farmers about their day to day tractor usage and farming practices.  Our farm equipment and services provide a comprehensive support system to help farmers prosper.


Outside India, we entered the American market as Mahindra USA in 1994 and operate through three U.S. assembly plants that deliver tractors to more than 350 Mahindra dealers in the U.S. and Canada - and that number is growing rapidly due to high dealer and customer satisfaction.


Our foray in China was in 2004, through Mahindra China Tractor Company Ltd. (MCTCL) a JV with Jiangling Motor Company Group. Five years later, and as part of our growth strategy, we entered into another JV with Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Yancheng Tractor), a leading Chinese tractor manufacturer to form Mahindra Yueda Yancheng Tractor Company Ltd (MYYTCL). Today, MYYTCL is among the top 5 tractor companies in China.


As in India, Mahindra has been dominating the tractor markets in various Asian countries like Nepal, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. In Africa, it’s one of the largest tractor brands, with presence in more than 21 countries that includes Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Tunisia and South Africa. In South America, Mahindra Tractors are sold in Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Argentina. In Eastern Europe, Mahindra has footprints in Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia, expanding rapidly in other countries.


* Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is the World's largest tractor company, by volumes.